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Sequel 3

It’s never been more fun — and easy — to create music on a computer. Sequel 3 combines recording, editing and mixing instruments, vocals and effects in one affordable, no-sweat music studio. And with over 5,000 loops and quality sounds, Sequel 3 lets you make music in just a few minutes. So powerful yet simple and straightforward to use and understand, Sequel 3 comes without  any restrictions to your creativity and lets you do what makes you happy, and that’s making music.

Sequel Content Sets

Sequel Content Sets turn Sequel 3, Sequel LE 2, Cubase 6, Cubase Artist 6 or Cubase Elements 6 into a fully fledged music factory for your favorite music style! With hundreds of outstanding audio loops from top producers, each content set offers a stunning array of loops to ignite song ideas and fuel your creative flow. Conveniently organized into easy-to-use construction kits, the Sequel Content Sets are so easy to access that you can get them into your projects straight away.