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Groove Agent 4 is perhaps the most comprehensive drum production solution that’s ever been available as a software instrument. Not only are three specialist Agents on hand to deliver authentic acoustic drums, massive electronic beats and percussive grooves but the unique architecture means you combine them to come up with astoundingly original, hybrid drum tracks that will keep you ahead of the competition, whatever genre or style you’re specialized in. Also included is a huge library of first-class samples, grooves and patterns as well as a full-on virtual mixer and FX suite for even more creative options.

Beat producers

Groove Agent 4 features an awesomely powerful beat production toolkit ready to help you create the best beats ever — regardless of what electronic, dance or urban genre you’re working in. Produce floor-shaking beats and dancefloor-filling grooves with an array of incredible sample manipulation tools and FX, slice editors and much more — all designed to make beat production easier and faster than ever. And there’s more: the included sample library has been created by top names in the industry, putting the latest sounds at your disposal.

Songwriters and composers

Groove Agent 4 offers an amazingly intuitive drum track creation solution guaranteed to inspire you when writing your next album. A vast array of styles and grooves await exploration, while features like the Style Player conjure a drum track in seconds, leaving you free to improvise melodies and chord progressions around wonderfully authentic acoustic drum tracks. Dial in the desired intensity and complexity, then let the Style Player play the ideal groove, replete with fills, intros and endings. Easy to use and playfully intuitive, Groove Agent 4 will help you create the best music you’ve ever written.