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Groove Agent 4 — All styles covered

Groove Agent 4 is the ultimate drum studio and virtual drumming instrument for producers and songwriters working in any modern musical style. This unique instrument combines three specialist rhythm modules in one: craft dazzlingly authentic drum tracks, produce dancefloor-filling beats and design slinky percussive grooves with a dedicated Agent for each task; combine up to four Agents for a new experience in rhythm creation. Groove Agent 4 includes a huge sound library of over 22,000 samples and more than 3,800 patterns, a vast array of specialist editing tools, Style Player, the handy Jam mode, full integrated mixing board and much, much more.

Key features

  • Complete virtual drum workstation including three specialist Agents for drums, beats and percussion — combinable in four slots
  • Huge library including over 22,000 samples and more than 3,800 grooves and patterns for any contemporary music style
  • Acoustic Agent virtual drummer with stunningly detailed drum kits for unmatched realism
  • Beat Agent drum sampler for electronic music production including advanced slice editing and automatic drum hit recognition
  • Percussion Agent with more than 20 instruments to complete your virtual rhythm section
  • Advanced Note Repeat with up to 8 variations and integrated phrase editor
  • Follow Transport for synchronized playback in the host
  • MIDI output to host for convenient recording of patterns and performances
  • Full pattern editor for groove editing on the fly
  • Style Player plays in the desired complexity and intensity, generates auto fills and much more
  • Jam mode creates immediate backing tracks, including intro, fills and ending
  • Integrated mixing board with high-end audio effects for flexible control over all aspects of your drum sound
  • Advanced Cubase integration with drag and drop, full automation and automatic drum map exchange 
  • Alternate loop mode for creative sound tweaking
  • Individual pattern mode for controlling each of the pattern pads of the four Agents
  • Several workflow improvements requested or suggested by Groove Agent users

New in features in version 4.2

More customer feedback

By implementing dozens of features and enhancements requested by Groove Agent 4 customers, the 4.2 update builds on the know-how of the many producers and musicians using Groove Agent around the world. Every single one of the improvements engineered for this update is the response to a specific request or suggestion by customers; Groove Agent 4.2 is the perfect synthesis of musical and engineering expertise.

More integration

Groove Agent now integrates even tighter with VST hosts than ever before. Not only can you record your Groove Agent drums onto MIDI tracks in your VST host with the handy new MIDI output feature, but this mighty new function also lets you save how you influence Groove Agent beats and patterns in real-time. Record your changes in the complexity settings of Acoustic Agent styles or your performances in the inspirational Jam Mode to a MIDI track for further editing. And with its convenient Follow Transport mode, Groove Agent slaves to the transport commands in your host application at all times. 

More convenience

Having loads of great features means nothing without a workflow concept that supports fast and intuitive handling. Like the new solo and mute buttons in the Kit Rack that give you fast access to essential functions. You can now also audition MIDI files in the browser window directly in Groove Agent, making finding and importing the right MIDI loop much faster. The MediaBay browser has also been enhanced, showing you only the information you need to find the sounds you want quicker.

Download Groove Agent 4.2 update

More creativity

Groove Agent 4.2 introduces new ways to get creative with drum tracks and beats. The new Perform section offers you easy and great-sounding ways to handle repeated notes for drums, and offers not only up to eight variations but also features a programmable phrase player. Control each pattern across all four agents individually with the new Pattern mode. This intuitive and powerful new feature lets you explore new ways of creating drum tracks, letting you combine drum patterns with one another any way you want. And the new Alternate Loop mode gives you even more sample looping options. 

New features in Groove Agent 4

Multi-Agent concept

Groove Agent 4 combines the creative power of three different rhythm modules: the Acoustic, Beat and Percussion Agents. Each of these specialist tools offers its own approach to drums and rhythms, with special ways of creating your own inspiring beats in a huge range of styles. And the creative potential of each Agent can be combined with any of the others.

Four Agent slots allow you to mix and match your ideal rhythm section. Or combine the Acoustic and Beat Agents to create ultra-modern hybrid beats. This unique feature unleashes myriad opportunities for creating imaginative, inspiring drums — whatever your genre.

The Acoustic Agent

The Acoustic Agent is a next-generation virtual acoustic drummer offering not only first-class drum sounds but an integrated player that creates the perfect accompaniment for your songs.

Three outstanding drum kits are included, ready to be played by the Style Player, who can conjure over 50 different grooves in a wealth of genres including blues, punk, hip hop and indie rock — perfect for any contemporary music style. And you retain full control, both over intensity and complexity of the Style Player’s drumming and over the sound, thanks to the full-on mixing board included.

The Beat Agent

Beat Agent is a full beat production instrument with all the tools and sounds to create insane beats for any type of electronic or urban music. 100 amazing-sounding drum kits are included, alongside all the advanced features you need to edit existing ones and create your own. Yet Beat Agent also excels in manipulating samples and loops, with features like automatic loop slicing, one-click drum hit replacement, an onboard FX rack and much, much more. Extras like the Vintage mode and the tightest possible integration with Cubase put Beat Agent at the frontline of modern beat creation and production.

The Percussion Agent

As the name suggests, Percussion Agent specializes in instruments, grooves and styles that feature percussive elements. Not only does this Agent play perfect accompaniments to many Acoustic Agent grooves, but offers an ideal way to create your own percussion tracks from scratch in just a few clicks using the integrated Style Player. Over 20 percussion instruments have been recorded in minute detail using multiple microphones such as bongos, congas, shakers, tambourines and many more. What’s more, Percussion Agent also offers the same integrated