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Groove Agent 4 — What you get

Steinberg’s easy-to-use yet powerful drum studio is the ultimate source for any kind of drum production style. Look beyond your standard workflows and get creative by combining electronic beats with warm acoustic drums to produce your individual sound.

Ultimate drum workstation

Unique multi-Agent architecture

Groove Agent 4 redefines “virtual drummer” instruments by allowing you to combine up to four of the included drum Agents — each a specialist in their own field — with each other, opening up completely new ways of creating drum and rhythm tracks. Each Agent draws on a massive new sound library created especially for this version, with over 22,000 samples and more than 3,800 grooves that cover almost any contemporary music genre. All included patterns and grooves can be altered on the fly using the integrated Pattern Editor for even more creative options.

A multi-role virtual drummer

Easy to use yet functionally deep and featuring many innovative approaches, Groove Agent 4 has been designed to excel in a number of roles, such as the studio, on stage, in the rehearsal room or as a creative inspiration for music production at home or on the road. Launch the stand-alone version of Groove Agent 4 in Jam mode to assist you during song-writing sessions, for example, when your drummer is not around. Groove Agent also supports all the most common e-drum hardware, allowing you to play the included kits on your setup.

In the mix

With 29 studio-grade effects and a dedicated mixer section, Groove Agent 4 allows you to both create your drum tracks and sculpt your ideal drum sound, all within the same application. And if you want to mix your drums within your host application, the routing architecture allows you to send up to 16 stereo outputs directly into the mixer. The integrated effects also add another way of working creatively with drums and beats, either as send effects on the dedicated aux buses or inserted anywhere at the level of each kit, Agent or pad.

Totally integrated workflow with Cubase

As you’d expect, Groove Agent 4 has been engineered to harmonize completely with Cubase to keep your workflow smooth and your creativity flowing. Drag and drop samples and MIDI patterns from Cubase onto Groove Agent 4 or drag patterns from the Groove Agent 4 pads into your project to build a Cubase arrangement in seconds. But the integration goes even further: drum maps are automatically created for you from your Groove Agent kits, and all pad names are copied to Cubase, meaning less hassle and more creative freedom.



The Acoustic Agent

Featuring three exceptional acoustic drum kits, a library of grooves across a wealth of genres and a range of specialist tools, the Acoustic Agent specializes in acoustic, “hand-made” drum tracks. All three drum kits have been recorded with painstaking attention to detail in order to capture every sonic nuance. Each kit is offered in 16-bit and 24-bit versions, with controls for room and overhead level, bleed for each kit component as well as kit tuning; you can even set how far the hi-hat opens. An extra replacement kick and snare are also included to help configure your ideal kit.

Mixer section

Acoustic Agent also offers a dedicated mixer section with everything you need for mixing acoustic drums, with up to 20 microphone and six group channels. Each of those channels is replete with an EQ, compressor, tape saturation and envelope shaper; the mixer also features four aux buses for send effects. And if you don’t have time to delve into each available parameter, try out one of the included mixer presets for instant, great-sounding results.

Style Player

An integral part of the Acoustic Agent is the Style Player feature. Select one of over 50 styles and Groove Agent 4 will offer you a groove in that style — including intros, fills and endings. You can also instruct the Acoustic Agent to vary its playing from simple to complex and from light to intense, and control these two settings simultaneously in an intuitive XY-control.

Beat Agent

Beat Agent is your in-house beat production specialist with a plethora of dedicated tools, kits, samples and loops all geared toward creating the best beats and grooves.

Highly adept at working with samples, Beat Agent is designed to make common operations fast and simple. Load and replace samples using the integrated sample browser, create custom drum kits by stacking or layering samples on the pads or chromatically across the virtual keyboard, use the editor window to edit samples in almost any conceivable way. Beat Agent offers an outstanding array of sample editing tools.

Beat Agent comes into its own when working with loops. Not only does the AudioWarp algorithm keep your loops in sync to the song tempo at all times, but Beat Agent also slices loops and maps the result automatically and ready to play onto the pads.

Drum Classifier

And there’s more: Beat Agent includes a very special feature called the Drum Classifier. This is a hit detection system that recognizes if the individual slices are, for example, kick, snare or hi-hat. This leaves you free to replace elements of your loop at will, extract grooves and rearrange them in the pattern editor or change the sound of the entire kit — the only limits here are those of your imagination.

More tools for beat creation

Also on offer are a range of clever sonic tools, such as the Vintage and Turntable modes, which faithfully emulate the sound of 12-bit drum machines and give your sounds the gritty crunch of early hip hop samples. Combine this kind of intuitive music technology with the awe-inspiring library of over 100 kits and grooves for a full-on beat production system worthy of being a stand-alone application in its own right.

Percussion Agent

If you need to add extra flavor to drum tracks or beats created in the Acoustic or Beat Agents, or are composing music in genres which feature percussion as an integral part of their structure, look no further than the Percussion Agent. As its name suggests, this Agent is specialized in generating those percussive elements that can make a standard groove sound exceptional.

First-class percussion content

Percussion Agent includes a range of first-class percussion content and grooves with an extensive library of percussion instruments such as bongos, shakers, tambourines and congas. The library was recorded in pristine quality that captures the finest detail of every instrument, regardless of how fine or subtle its sound. Each sound is available in 16-bit and 24-bit versions.



Create your own percussion tracks in just a few clicks

Percussion Agent also features likewise versatile and intuitive tools for creating percussion tracks as the Acoustic Agent, such as the dedicated Style Player. Combine up to 8 substyles and adjust the complexity and intensity of each single pattern geared especially toward percussion, essential for genres in which percussion plays a vital role such as cha-cha-cha, latin rock and bossa nova.