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Groove Agent 4

Groove Agent 4 offers three specialist rhythm instruments in one. Craft dazzlingly authentic drum tracks, produce dancefloor-filling beats and design slinky percussive grooves with a dedicated Agent for each task. Combine up to four Agents for a new experience in creating rhythms for almost any genre. With its huge library of over 22,000 samples and more than 3,800 grooves Groove Agent 4 covers all styles for contemporary music production.

Groove Agent SE 4

Groove Agent SE 4 is the small version of Groove Agent 4 including a wide range of effects, pattern playback functions and basic sample editing for owners of Cubase Pro and Cubase Artist. In contrast to Groove Agent 4 the SE version can only load one Beat Agent at a time. Percussion Agent is not included. The Beat Agent in Groove Agent SE 4 includes 30 drum kits and over 200 ready-to-go grooves while the Acoustic Agent SE comes with one drum kit and 20 styles.

Concise comparison chart

Groove Agent 4

Groove Agent SE 4
Number of Agent slots 4 1
Beat Agent Logo green Logo green (feature limited)
Acoustic Agent Logo green Logo green (feature limited)
Percussion Agent Logo green
Number of presets 102 (Beat Agent)
55 (Acoustic Agent)
20 (Percussion Agent)
30 (Beat Agent)
20 (Acoustic Agent SE)
Style Player Logo green
Number of styles (Acoustic Agent) 55 20
Number of substyles (Percussion Agent) 125
Number of styles (Beat Agent) 102
Number of effects 28 + REVerence 28
Slice Editor Logo green Logo green
Drum Classifier Logo green
Jam Mode Logo green
Pattern Editor & record mode Logo green
Pattern overview Logo green
Sample Browser Logo green
Internal MediaBay Logo green
Advanced Note Repeat Logo green
Individual pattern mode Logo green
Follow Transport Logo green Logo green
MIDI out Logo green Logo green