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Absolute 3 - Exceptional quality and premium value

Consisting of the top range of Steinberg’s acclaimed VST instruments, Absolute 3 offers over 6,800 presets and more than 70 GB of first-class sounds, VST technology and advanced sound design. Absolute is the perfect tool for music production, composing and live performance of all styles, combining exceptional quality and premium value at a fantastic price.

  • HALion 6 is the most comprehensive virtual sampling and sound designing system available today and excels the creative process for modern producers and sound designers in all areas.
  • HALion Sonic 3 breaks new ground in terms of quality, versatility and ease of use by featuring thousands of first-class synths, deep-sampled acoustic instruments and first-class effects — all in one VST workstation.
  • Groove Agent 4 combines three specialist instruments for creating dynamic drums, dancefloor-filling beats and sizzling percussive grooves in almost any genre.
  • The Grand 3 features five premium piano models with an overwhelming sound quality, different microphone positions and usability due to the range of included tools.
  • HALion Symphonic Orchestra puts the awesome emotive power and sheer sonic majesty of a full symphonic orchestra under your total control.
  • Padshop Pro introduces a new way of granular sound design. Get yourself ready for out-of-this-world atmospheres and far-out effects.
  • Retrologue 2 offers old-school analog synth sounds and biting sonic blocks, ideal for creating fat and funky lead and bass sounds.
  • Hypnotic Dance is a treasure trove for electronic music producers with solid bass lines, cutting leads and beautifully textured pads.
  • Triebwerk is the go-to choice for club-worthy dance sounds with soaring synths, four-to-the-floor drum kits and queasy vocals.
  • Dark Planet is best-suited for cinematic scores and musical excursions, comprising creepy sounds, shattering loops and eerie instruments.
  • Zero Gravity is the exceptional expansion pack for Padshop Pro and comes with 250 new presets and a fully loaded new SoftGrain Wave ROM.

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I am using Steinberg Instruments in all my productions. They sound great, are easy to use, and provide considerable depth for sound design.

— Paul Haslinger

In my book, HALion 5 and Padshop have one of the best – if t not the best sounding granular engine out there.

— Simon Stockhausen

Absolute has quickly become an essential part of my writing and I’m constantly finding ways of creating new and interesting sounds!

— Pieter Schlosser

A great fat collection of sounds for every taste. Good fun!

— The Bloody Beetroots

I have been recently using Padshop Pro, Groove Agent 4 and Halion 5. These instruments all have unique features that have not only increased my productivity but boosted my creativity for all my musical projects.

— Richard Devine

Absolute 2 is da bomb! Whatever sound you are looking for, you can find it in the Absolute 2 library.

— Sammy Merayah

The Absolute 2 package is a real powerhouse! It’s a great piece of kit that we couldn’t be without. The Grand 3 has become our go-to plug-in for house pianos and the string section in HALion Sonic 2 has a real warmth that we have yet to hear anywhere else.

— My Digital Enemy

Insights into VST and its instruments visited Steinberg HQ to meet up with Matthias Quellmann, Senior Marketing Manager, and Yvan Grabit, Technical Lead, and talk about VST instruments and the technology behind them.

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