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The UR12 close-up

UR12 front panel

1. Gain control for Input 1
2. XLR connector for mic and peak indicator for Input 1
3. +48 V phantom power indicator for Input 1
4. TS connector for guitar (Hi-Z) and peak indicator
5. USB power indicator

6. Gain control for Input 2
7. Main output volume / headphone volume control 
8. Direct monitor switch
9. Headphones output

UR12 rear panel

1. Mikro-USB-port for power 5 V DC power adaptor
2. Power source selector
3. USB 2.0 port

4. 2 analog RCA outputs
5. +48 V phantom power switch
6. Safety lock hole

UR12 setup examples

The UR12 is an exceedingly compact recording system with all the I/O and features you really need on the road.

Hook up a condenser or a dynamic mic to the D-PRE and plug in your guitar. You’re now ready to record. Plug in your headphones for zero-latency hardware monitoring.

Then, of course, there’s a USB port to connect to either your Mac or PC, letting you record and mix your productions with the included Cubase AI workstation or other audio software.

Plus, the CC Mode provides connectivity with Apple’s iPad and iPhone. 

For easy live streaming of performances to the internet, the Loopback function consolidates all playback tracks and input channels and routes the mix to your internet streaming software.