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Metro Heights: Latest expansion for Groove Agent

March 14, 2018

Today we release Metro Heights, the next VST Sound Instrument Set for Groove Agent 4 and Groove Agent SE 4. This expansion kit provides 17,400 top-quality samples and new Styles ideal for indie rock. The Styles add many intros, main parts, fills and endings that capture the raw drum sound of the underground rock hotspots in America!

Key features:

  • 21 Styles for the Acoustic Agent drum kits in Groove Agent 4 and Groove Agent SE 4
  • 12 kit pieces recorded in over 17,400 samples and over 5.8 GB in total
  • 24-bit recordings with up to 12 velocities and 5 round robins
  • 3 reverb channels per instrument including chamber 1, 2 and digital reverb
  • 3 ambient channels per instrument including overheads, room tight and far
  • 2 additional trash mic channels for extra character (bullet and geek)
  • Exclusive drum MIDI grooves played by Miles McPherson (Kelly Clarkson, Paramore)


Metro Heights is an inexhaustible source for creating backing tracks, inspiring new compositions and improvisation sessions.

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